LaShisha online store

✔ We will deliver your order with all the necessities and collect it next day at a confirmed time.

✔ Cash and credit card accepted on delivery spot. Online payments are not accepted “YET”.

✔ We will deliver your order with all the necessities and collect it next day at a confirm time.

✔ Disposable hoses may be purchased at a small fee for most enhanced hygienic shisha experience.


About Us


LaShisha is a specialised in providing an exclusive luxury shisha smoking experience delivered directly to your doorstep. LaShisha only uses the highest quality shisha on the market.


We deliver your order with all the necessities, that includes: shisha, tobacco head, charcoal, electrical/gas charcoal burner, clamp, hose, tips. All you need to do is to light the charcoal and place them on the head. If you are new to shisha, the person who will deliver will give you instructions. We pick up the next day. We are open from 16:00 till 23:00. Delivery time is around 45 minutes. This can be less or more depending on the time you order. We advise to pre-book your shisha in advance in order to have it at the time you want.


It all started with one question during the Covid-19 lockdown: Why can’t someone bring to my place a ready shisha? At that day we have felt that there was a gap in the market and have decided to make the difference by offering ready-to-enjoy shisha delivery right to your door step!LaShisha’s mission is to make shisha smoking a convenient and enjoyable service at your own home.LaShisha has the experience and expertise of making the shisha and ensuring that each shisha comes out perfect. This is because we constantly strive to deliver the best results and we only use the best handmade quality shishas and the finest tobacco mixes.Our Company has a strict cleaning procedure. After each shisha is returned, we spend time cleaning and sanitizing each shisha part including the silicon hose with special brushes and products. Cleanliness and your health safety is our number one priority! A disposable one-time-use hose can be purchased as well.What are your waiting for? Decide the head you prefer, pick your favourite flavour mix, make your order and get ready to enjoy this experience. We deliver to your doorstep!Our company also specialises in Catering. We cater any type of event such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events etc.